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When Ralph Hulick was still a child his mother drew and doodled with him at night before bed; this simple action ignited in him a spark for art. It wasn't until he was fifteen that he made an active decision, saying: "I want to draw!" At that time, in Junior High School, he started enrolling in art classes which continued into High School. After graduation he enrolled at Oklahoma City Community College majoring in CAD with an emphasis in Multimedia. 

God, however, had different plans. In 2011, finding himself with a medical problem and transferring to Crestview Florida to stay with family so that he could receive medical attention, he put his schooling on hold. After receiving medical attention, he continued his schooling by transferring to Pensacola Christian College at the age of 27. 

With only one class transferring, and starting in the Spring semester, he was in for another four and a half years of schooling. He received high grades in art (except for painting which, admittedly, took him a long time to grasp), and a third place ribbon in the school's annual art competition in the drawing category. 

Ralph enjoys creating portraits and illustrations, and has an interest in children's books. After his Junior year at PCC he began a career as an illustrator working with A Beka Publishing. With this position he creates illustrations to be used in varying Christian textbooks which are distributed worldwide.